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The Science of the Arts

The Science of the Arts brought together researchers and artists in a series of informal conversations about aesthetics and beauty in music, architecture, art and dance.  The BSi created an opportunity to discuss current research, ideas and perspectives in hopes of helping to shape and inform this work in the coming years.  Among the issues discussed included scope of research already being conducted, new research questions, artists perspective, and relevance and application of this work in health, architecture, education and design.  The program was held on October 20-21, 2010.

The Science of the Arts collaborative sessions - Watch Now!

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Podcast: WYPR - Maryland Morning 10-19-10: Tom Hall discusses the Science of the Arts with Jack Griffin, Susan Magsamen, and Gary Vikan

Podcast:  WEAA - The Marc Steiner Show 10-7-10: Ed Connor, David Foster, David Hess, Barbara Landau, and Susan Magsamen discuss the Science of the Arts with Marc Steiner

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