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Maryland Biotechnology Center

Judith A. Britz, PhD
Dr.  Judy Britz, the Executive Director of the Maryland Biotechnology Center has more than 25 years of experience in the in vitro diagnostics industry.  She is a serial entrepreneur who has been the President and CEO of Cylex Inc. and the General Manager of Sienna Biotech, Inc., both Maryland-based companies which successfully introduced a series of patented diagnostic products, navigating them through the FDA in record time, manufacturing kits under GMP and marketing them to hospitals in the US, Europe, and Asia.  To finance these companies, she raised over $50 million from private equity, corporate, government and angel sources. Dr. Britz previously held positions in business development and research and development at Becton Dickinson and Johnson and Johnson’s Ortho Diagnostic Division.  As a research scientist at Electro-Nucleonics Inc., she was responsible for developing one of the first licensed blood screening tests for HIV.
Dr. Britz has been involved in developing and commercializing a wide variety of diagnostic technologies (manual and instrumented) with applications in infectious diseases, endocrinology, and cancer. In 2008, she founded Britz Consulting and has advised companies throughout in the United States in diagnostic as well as therapeutic areas across a broad range of applications, including stem cells.  She was also a member of the Advisory Board of Stronghold Advisors, an investment banking group in Columbia, Maryland.
Dr. Britz’ academic career includes a PhD from Stanford University in Immunology and Medical Microbiology.  She completed postdoctoral fellowships at Yale University and Johns Hopkins in cellular immunology. She is on the scientific advisory boards of two startup pharma companies. As an active participant in the technology community, she has held Board and advisory positions on the Greater Baltimore Committee’s Bioscience Group, The Technology Council of Maryland, Women in Bio, The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association, The Howard County Economic Development Association, and The Horizon Foundation. 

The Maryland Biotechnology Center
The Maryland Biotechnology Centeris a newly created organization within the Maryland Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED) that consolidates and coordinates a host of state, university and private sector initiatives to better showcase and support biotechnology innovation and entrepreneurship in Maryland. Working closely with industry partners, the Center will concentrate on efforts that create new bioscience enterprises, sustain the growth of successful enterprises, and leverage Maryland’s unique life sciences assets in the academic and federal sectors, to advance Maryland’s role as a global biotechnology leader.

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