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Johnson & Johnson

Robert A. Zivin, PhD
Senior Director, Corporate Office of Science & Technology, Johnson & Johnson
Bob is a Senior Director in the Corporate Office of Science & Technology. Bob spent 20 years in healthcare R&D, working in biotechnology, molecular diagnostics and drug discovery, before joining COSAT in 2003. This work led to several FDA approved products, with another currently in Phase 3 trials. Since joining COSAT, Bob has been working on the development of new models of collaboration, with the twin aims of facilitating academic partnering and shifting the cost-reward profile of product development. Bob is also COSAT’s East Coast “Scout”, responsible for the identification and promotion of disruptive product opportunities from academic and private innovators in this region.  Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson in 1986, Bob was a Senior Research Scientist at Merck, Sharpe & Dohme Research Laboratories.
Bob received a B.S. degree in Biology from Northern Illinois University, and a Ph.D. in Microbiology from the University of Chicago. He subsequently completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship at the National Cancer Institute.

Corporate Office of Science and Technology (COSAT), Johnson & Johnson
The Corporate Office of Science and Technology (COSAT) was created in 1978 to foster our company's long-standing focus on innovation and entrepreneurship. It was formed by assembling a team of senior scientists and clinicians whose primary objective is to identify, nurture, and guide emerging technologies and products, ensuring that Johnson & Johnson's long history of success continues well into the future.

COSAT's role within and beyond the Johnson & Johnson operating company structure is to:
- Identify and nurture emerging technologies related to health care
- Assess technical risk and business potential of these technologies
- Facilitate the incorporation of these technologies into the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies

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