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A New Faculty Structure

In 2012 the Brain Science Institute began to develop its permanent structure as a faculty-based institute. An explicit fundamental mission of the BSi has been to build the bridges between basic and clinical neuroscience, culminating in real translation to patients. 

Having long term, primary and joint faculty in place creates a firm research foundation to enhance the scholarly pursuit of brain science which, up until now, has solely been achieved on a grant/award basis. We are not diverting from the previous model we are adding to it for the perpetual growth of the BSi.

The number of people involved in the BSi has grown at an amazing rate. The enterprise started with roughly 75 people at its launch in 2007 - - including staff, funded researchers and working groups -- and that figure now exceeds well over 500 people, but none have been primary faculty positions. Jeff Rothstein, BSi Director, anticipates continual development of our core faculty over the next several years.  Initial growth will be predominantly in two new divisions 1) Cognition and Synaptic Plasticity and 2) Models of CNS Pathophysiology and Disease.

This year we welcomed our first primary faculty member for Cognition and Synaptic Plasticty, Dan O’Conner, Ph.D., from HHMI Janelia Farm Research Campus. In addition we are currently conducting a new faculty search for 2 more tenure track faculty positions.  These applicants focus will be in the synapses and circuits in normal brain functionor in cognitive disorders such as autism, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease. Learn more about these open faculty positions. Faculty recruit referrals to these programs are most welcome, and we look to you for recommendations.  Deadline is Novemeber 1, 2012

In the future we will be recruiting candidates to expand the Pathophysiology and Disease team.

The joint faculty appointments will be with members of the large and extremely talented Johns Hopkins neuroscience community. Faculty who have especially strong interests and background in translational approaches to neuroscience (e.g. translating basic discovery to disease based outcomes- animal or human models, cellular model systems, drugs, etc.) will be candidates.

If you are interested in a future joint appointment as a BSi Affiliate please  email Barbara Smith ( expressing your interest (please include a CV) in this collaborative appointment.

An opportunity for junior faculty under development is the new BSi Scholar Program.  Much like Howard Hughes positions or a McKnight Scholar this program will provide stable long-term support for a selected group of junior BSi joint faculty.  Specific details of this fund and how we plan to select scholars will be provided as the process matures.

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