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Center for Brain Imaging Science

“Introduction to MRI and Image Analysis” course beginning November 21st.
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Established as a research center by Brain Science Institute, the Center for Brain Imaging Science (CBIS) is dedicated to provide state-of-the-art image analysis technologies to researchers in Hopkins community.

Currently, several MRI and PET imaging centers at the university provide access to an array of modern imaging capabilities. CBIS works with these imaging centers, offering researchers support  in acquiring, processing and analyzing data.
Collaborating imaging centers include
F. M. Kirby Research Center
This center is dedicated to brain MR imaging and equipped with three modern human MRI scanners including 3T and 7T Philips scanners.
NMR Service Center / Center of Magnetic Resonance Microimaging

This center has 4.7, 9.4 and 11.7T animal scanners located in Traylor and MRI building.

ICMIC Center
This center has a 9.4T animal MR scanner as well as microPET and microCT for small animal studies.
Radiology MRI Service Center
This center is located closely to Radiology clinical scanners and has four human MR scanners including 1.5T (Siemens, GE) and 3.0T (Siemens, Philips).
CBIC also has close ties with Center for Imaging Science (CIS) on the Homewood campus aimed at furthering its existing cutting-edge image analysis technologies and putting them to best use.
CBIS consists of four cores offering comprehensive service for MR and PET-based research
Protocol Development Core - This core helps users design data acquisition plans.
Image Analysis Core - This core provides an image analysis service.
Educational Core - This core teaches how to use image analysis tools.
Research Support Core - This core helps users prepare grant applications. Financial support is also available through this core.
Interested in our services? Use these questions to get started
I want to start a imaging-based study and I am new to this field. How can I start developing my research?
I have images but do not know how best to analyze them or what new technologies are available.
I want to know what new research opportunities are available using advanced image analysis tools.
I want to learn how to use image analysis tools.
Can you process our data?

I need to generate preliminary data for my grant and need resource support:
I already have images.
I need to acquire images.

Image Analysis Service Application

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