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Fall 2014 - “Drug Discovery Case Studies”

Course #: ME:200.707
"Drug Discovery Case Studies"
Location: Rangos Building Room 590
Course Director: Takashi Tsukamoto (ttsukamoto@jhmi.edu)
Time: 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM
Dates: Every Wednesday 9/10/2014-12/05/2014 (except for 11/26/2014)

“Drug Discovery Case Studies” is designed to provide students with insights into the ever-changing landscape of drug discovery research by presenting case studies for various breakthrough drugs discovered since the 1940s. Each lecture selects a particular drug that has made a significant impact on patients’ lives and examines some key elements that have contributed to its successful discovery and development. The course is given by the lecturers that participated in “Introduction to Drug Discovery Research”. The final three lectures will be given by guest speakers who will present case studies on new drugs in which they were directly involved at the time of discovery and development.  *These final three lectures are open to the public

Date  Topic Lecturer
9/10 Introduction Takashi Tsukamoto
9/17 Penicillin Takashi Tsukamoto
9/24 Methotrexate Takashi Tsukamoto
10/1 Propranolol Jim Barrow
10/8 Captopril Dana Ferraris
10/15 Aripiprazole Takashi Tsukamoto
10/22 Palonosetron Camilo Rojas
*10/29 Tofacitinib Chakrapani Subramanyam 
*11/5 Trastuzumab emtansine Gail Phillips 
*11/12 Linaclotide Caroline Kurtz
(Ironwood Pharmaceuticals)*
11/19 Group Discussion  
12/1-5 Project Presentation by students  

*Guest speakers and open to the public

Grades will be determined by:

Reports: Students will select one lecture from the course and write a report describing how they would give a lecture on the same drug (e.g., different aspects to be covered, inaccuracy and/or critical facts missing from the lecture, etc.). Grade weights: 40% for each report.

Group project: 5-6 Students will form a group to prepare a case study presentation on a drug selected from a list provided by the course director. The grade will be determined by the students’ presentation on the project. Grade weights: 60%.

Prerequisite: No prior knowledge in drug discovery is required. This course is recommended for students in the 2nd or later year of their graduate program.

Please contact Dr. Takashi Tsukamoto (ttsukamoto@jhmi.edu) for more information. 

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