cores: The Behavioral Testing Program at Homewood
Neurogenetics and Behavior Center Request for Mouse Behavior Testing

Briefly describe PI?s main area of investigation

Please specify the type of mutation that best describes your mice
(e.g knockout, point mutant, conditional expresser)

Please briefly list the technique(s) used to generate your mutant mice (e.g Cre/loxP system)

Please list ALL background strains that have contributed to your mice
If mice to be tested have been backcrossed, please specify their current generation (e.g. F2, F10)

Please list 2-5 reference papers that describe the function of the targeted molecule form.

Please list brain areas affected by the mutation (i.e. where the mutation is expressed)

Please list all other biological areas affected by the mutation

Please give a brief description of the mice (include physical and behavioral phenotypes)

Have any neuropathologic assessments been performed on these mice?

Have any basic neurobehavioral assessments been performed on these mice? (e.g. activity measures, tests of agility, etc)

Have any other assessments been performed using these mice? (e.g. electophysiology, immuhistochemistry, etc.)?

Briefly describe type of behavioral assessment(s) you would like done and why (e.g. for publication purposes, grant, etc.)

How did you hear about the Neurogenetics and Behavior Center?