A BSI core, Center for Brain Imaging Science, provides a 20-hour course, entitled “Introduction to MRI and Image Analysis”. This course teaches basic MR image acquisition and analysis techniques for those who have had minimum exposure to MRI. Junior faculties are eligible to the course, but senior postdocs may be accepted if there are slots. The priority will be given to K awardees (including pending).  The course will start on 11/21at 9:00-10:00 and be held every Monday.  We will accept 10 faculties. For those interested in the course, please contact Susumu Mori (

Class 1 (Mori): Energy states and the source of MR signal
Class 2 (Mori): Properties of MR signal
Class 3 (Mori): Signal frequency and relaxation
Class 4 (Mori): Spin-echo and T2/T2* relaxation
Class 5 (Mori): Magnetic field gradient and imaging
Class 6 (Mori): MR signal and thermal molecular motion (diffusion)
Class 7 (Mori): Diffusion tensor imaging: data acquisition
Class 8 (Mori): Diffusion tensor imaging: data processing
Class 9 (Mori): Diffusion tensor imaging: data analysis and interpretation
Class 10 (Mori): Diffusion tensor imaging: practical aspects
Class 11 (Mori): Concept of MR image analysis
Class 12 (Mori): Image normalization and voxel-based analysis
Class 13 (Faria): Application studies: Brain development and aging
Class 14 (Oishi): Application studies: Dementia
Class 15 (Jiang): Demonstration of DtiStudio I
Class 16 (Jiang): Demonstration of DtiStudio II
Class 17 (Li): Demonstration of MriStudio I
Class 18 (Li): Demonstration of MriStudio II
Class 19-20: Review and wrap up.

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