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Image Analysis Core
This core provides cutting-edge image analysis technologies to the Hopkins community. It contains four subcores:

The Data Management System
Leader: Anthony Kolasny
Staff of this subcore are developing an advanced database system to make managing imaging data more user-friendly.
Data from scanners at one of our collaboration sites are automatically transferred to this database. Using our image analysis software, researchers can search for, retrieve and process desired data. Data are returned to the database as if stored in a local hard drive.
The relationship between raw and processed images are automatically maintained so that users need not keep track of data locations – this makes image analysis by multiple investigators much easier. The database system should be available in 2010.
The Computational Resource
Leader: Anthony Kolasny
Our computational resource consists of three cluster computers with 32 CPUs and 128 GB of RAM. Via our image analysis software, data are automatically sent to these computers for advanced image analysis. This computational resource is linked to the database system with 50 TB of storage and a backup system.
The Image Analysis Service
Leader: Hangyi Jiang / Xin Li
This core provides a fee-based service to JHU users. For details on the image analysis now being offered, click here.
The Walk-in Analysis Facility
Leader: Timothy Brown
Our three walk-in analysis facilities. Each offer two workstations with centrally managed image analysis software. Simply sign up on the schedule. Questions? We offer hands-on tutorials. For the software most useful to you, select one of the walk-in analysis facilities listed below;
• Traylor 330: MriStudio (DtiStudio/Landmarker/RoiEditor)
 Instructor: Kazi Ackhter
• CIS: CAWorks / FreeSurfer
Instructor: Timothy Brown
• Reed Hall: SPM / FSL (under construction)
Hands-on tutorial sessions are available every Wednesday afternoon for up to two people. Interested? Contact instructors directly.
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