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Sleep Disorders
Charlene Gamaldo, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Neurology and Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
Medical Director, The Johns Hopkins Sleep Disorders Center

Dr. Charlene Gamaldo

My research interest is studying the impact of sleep on manifestation and progression of neurological diseases, marking a new line of research at JHU.  Looking at this relationship between sleep and disease progression in HIV has served as the foundation for future work focused on the impact of sleep loss on other aspects of neurobiological function.  This project has served as a model for conducting sleep research utilizing the efforts of a diverse group of interdisciplinary collaborators and as a result has led to ongoing and evolving research projects that now include a growing list of collaborators (Neurology, OB/Gyn, Psychiatry, and NIA).

I am involved in the newly established Johns Hopkins Center for Behavior and Health as a core faculty and a committee member. The center is dedicated to investigating how human behaviors such as eating, sleeping, and physical activity alter physiologic processes that underlie diseases and strives to translate these behavioral science discoveries into improved health and well-being.  As part of a competitive, University–wide grant application process, I was funded for the project “Center for Sleep-Related Symptom Science”. This project will develop a sleep app for the iPad, “My Sleep Script” (a sleep disorder educational, screening and behavioral intervention app), for use by non-sleep trained healthcare providers who commonly encounter patients with comorbid sleep complaints (e.g., Moore Clinic, Headache clinic, Urology clinic, etc).

I serve as a Co-Investigator and the Sleep Measurement Core Co-Director for the Center for Sleep-Related Symptom Science grant (PI:  Michael Smith Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences) and Gayle Page (Professor & Independence Foundation Chair in Nursing Education) that was recently funded by the National Institute of Nursing Research.  This multidisciplinary grant aims to build a sustainable model for sleep research (Center for Sleep-Related Symptom Science) with a mission of increasing the conduct of high quality, innovative interdisciplinary bio-behavioral sleep research at JHU.

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