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3D Vision and the Brain
Ed Connor, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Neuroscience
Director, Krieger Mind Brain Institute

Dr. Ed Connor

Visual perception of objects and scenes seems trivial to us.  It is easy to look around a room, name the objects in it, describe their 3D structure, and evaluate whether they are new or old, healthy or sick, beautiful or ugly, etc.  Easy for us, but the most powerful computer vision systems still can’t match the human ability to name objects, much less infer 3D structure and other characteristics.  We are visual geniuses, because so much of our brain is devoted to interpreting visual information.  Vision scientists strive to understand the mysterious neural algorithms that make human vision so powerful.

Dr. Conner grew up in Baltimore and went to Loyola College.  He got a PhD in Neuroscience at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  After postdoctoral studies at CalTech and Washington University in St Louis, he joined the faculty of the Johns Hopkins Neuroscience department and started a lab at the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute at the Homewood Campus.  Dr. Conner is currently a Professor of Neuroscience in the School of Medicine and Director of the Krieger Mind/Brain Institute.  (His wife, Amy Bastian, is also in the Neuroscience department; listen to her BrainTalk on Stroke Rehabilitation.) Learn more about Dr. Conner

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