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The BSi leadership brings together a special mix of experiences and seasoned Johns Hopkins University researchers and administrators to create a team to guide the growth of this unprecedented Institute.

Jeffrey D. Rothstein, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Jeffrey Rothstein is the John W. Griffin, M.D. Director for the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute and Director of the BSi NeuroTranslational Program, Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience, and a faculty member of the Graduate Program in Cellular and Molecular Medicine at Johns Hopkins University. He is the Director of the Robert Packard Center for ALS Research at Johns Hopkins, Co-Director of the MDA/ALS Clinic, and Vice Chair for Research in the Department of Neurology. He oversees one of the largest ALS clinics in the USA.

Janice Clements, Ph.D.
Dr. Janice Clements is Vice Dean for Faculty of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Executive Director of the Brain Science Institute. She is a Professor of Molecular & Comparative Pathobiology, with joint appointments in Molecular Biology & Genetics, Neurology, and Pathology. 

Richard Huganir, Ph.D.
Dr. Richard Huganir is Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute, Professor and Director of the Solomon H. Snyder Department of Neuroscience, as well as an Investigator with Howard Hughes Medical Institute. He has joint appointments in the Department Biological Chemistry and the Department of Pharmacology.

John Griffin, M.D. (In Memorium)
Dr. John Griffin was the Founding Director of the Johns Hopkins Brain Science Institute (BSi), University Distinguished Service Professor of the Department of Neurology, and Professor of the Departments of Neuroscience and Pathology in the School of Medicine.

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